Monday, January 14, 2013

Too Warm for School?


I woke up today and Laura said, "you dont have school today!"  Music to my ears.  In Alaska we NEVER get off of school for temperatures that are too cold or even piles of snow.  Nope, we get off of school when it is raining and above freezing outside.  When rain mixes with piles of snow it is never a good thing.  I made the most out of the "free" day.  I was able to call some businesses during hours and was even able to finish up some left over nagging report cards.  We will have to make this day up, but I'll take the four day week!  Thanks Lord for the blessing!  Spending the day with Mason Bear was quite a special treat!

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  1. blogging two days in a row??? KEVIN!! Your making me look bad lol