Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1- June 16, 2011

Day 1 is a relative term.  I have been active my whole life with varying levels of intensity.  I played a lot of sports as a child including: soccer, basketball, backyard football, volleyball, etc.  I would play just about anything as long as someone kept score and someone would play against me!  I was a somewhat successful high school athlete at a smaller than normal size high school.  When I graduated, I played soccer a short time at another smaller than normal size college.  I came to realize I was pretty good at soccer but not great.  To be great is to have some unique, God given pyhsical talent, with an unbelievable amount of determination to train and push oneself to the top (The one exeption would be Rudy Rutiger!!  I could cry just thinking about that movie!).

Once the formal sports playing days ended I got on with a normal life.  I got married, graduated college, got a job, and gained A LOT of weight.  The heaviest that I have ever been is 220lbs.  The lightest I have ever been is 170lbs.  Right now I am somewhere in between.  My wife is an amzing woman!  She is beautiful, smart, charming, and serving the Lord!  She is the reason for this blog.  This blog is about more than fitness!  It is about a Day by Day approach to being healthy, being ready, and being accountable.  We are expecting our first child due in December!  On this blog you will find fitness updates, tricks, workouts, and even some Bible verses.  My fitness plan is a life changing plan!  Today is the day, Im on my way!

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  1. Kevin, its kyle, I just found this blog of yours and I totally did not realize that you had one. But i see that you have not put up a post in a year, so why dont you start "blogging" with me so I ma not the only dude!!! you and I are a lot a like in some ways. I think we could make each other laugh...