Friday, June 17, 2011

day 2- 200

Okay, today is Day 2 of Today is the day.  At the gym I go to we have a fitness test that we take once a month called the 200.  The 200 is a series of body weight moves completed in 5 circuits without rest for time.  It involves pushups, squats, lunges, and mountain climbers.  When I first started the 200 my time was well above eight minutes.  Today, my time was 4:40.  I was happy with this time; however, a good friend of mine finished in 4:07 (that is a remarkable time, I think the gym record is 3:57).  My next goal is to take 6 seconds off of my time of 4:40.  I have been taking 4 seconds off for the last 2 consecutive months for a total of 8 seconds in two months. 

Taking the day by day approach to fitness, I have no choice but to bust my butt during training to reach this goal.  I will need to perform all out for the next four weeks, and hopefully, meet my goal time of 4:34.  I perform these movements without down grading.  When I started 200's I was having to downgrade pushups by the 3rd round. 

I will be camping in Seward this weekend.  Hopefully day 3 will lead to an exciting, bear free hike!  Seward is said to have one of Alaska's top ten hikes.  Since I have not really been on a hike in AK I am sure it wil be awesome. 

Till Tomorrow- Today is the day, Im on my way! :) (maybe a little cheesy, but it is like a bad jingle to a commercial that you cant get out of your head). 

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  1. I heard you were taking a different approach now to your health and fitness. I'd love to read about them!